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On Fri, Dec 02, 2011 at 08:00:25PM -0600, Ryan Coleman wrote:
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> You need to define Dead, Gary.
> Your posts lack... proper detail most of the time.
> On Dec 2, 2011, at 6:26 PM, Gary Kline wrote:
> > weds morning at 4 was my last log so it was around  then that my telco modem broke.  a few       hours ago a  tech reset     the
> > router with all 5 ips.  my bsd server is dead/water.  only my wifes pc and daughters nmacbook work.   i have spent hours under desk trying one thing/time.
> >  
> > does anyone have any suuggestions what  to try next?     i have only bsd server;  ubuntu desktop.   standalone firewall.  one hub/switgh.
> >  
> > gary
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	by "dead" i meant that i had 0.0 connection to the net.
	long-story-short, it was indeed the telephone company's
	modem that blew out.  they were able to get one circuit
	working, and they were content with that.  but i was still
	dead.  this morning a telco technician [and friend] dropped
	by with his tools and after several calls to the office for 
	my IP's and other info got me back online.  

	I have no idea how their router/modem works; i have no idea 
	how they were able to get my wife's PC back, much less my 
	entire domain.

	(this is further OT, but FWIW, one guy suggested that a
	power surge may have broken the modem/router.  30-35 years
	ago a =real= modem ran at 1200 baud and was lightening fast.  
	obviously, i haven't kept up... .)

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