Major version changes using portupgrade?

Matthew Pounsett matt at
Sun Dec 4 20:07:56 UTC 2011

On 2011/12/04, at 14:13, Matthew Seaman wrote:

>   4) Now for the updating bit.  I'm going to use portmaster's '-o'
>      functionality to swap out the postgresql versions.  (portupgrade
>      has very similar functionality if you prefer that.) postgresql
>      is trickier than most, because there have to be both -server and
>      -client ports to deal with.  I also have postgresql-contrib-9.0.5
>      installed, which isn't critical but needs similar treatment.
>      Everything depends on the -client port, so we start with that:
>        # portmaster -o databases/postgresql91-client \
> 	      postgresql-client-9.0.5
> 	# portmaster -o databases/postgresql91-server \
>              postgresql-server-9.0.5_1
> 	# portmaster -o databases/postgresql91-contrib \
> 	      postgresql-contrib-9.0.5

This is the problem bit.  The -o doesn't work with the ones I'm dealing with because of conflicts between 8.4 and 9.1.  9.1 *won't even build*.  If you can find a way to get around that, then you can make life even easier for yourself by doing a recursive build of all of the things that depend on the client.  It's getting around the conflict that I'm trying to figure out... the rest is handled.

And by the way, if you're not already doing a recursive build then you can do the server upgrade more simply.. there are no dependencies attached to the server (normally) so you can just pkg_delete it and install 9.1.

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