FreeBSD Gateway, Crossover

APseudoUtopia apseudoutopia at
Sun Dec 4 18:22:00 UTC 2011


I'm trying to setup a small home network, It consists of my FreeBSD
9.0-RC2 box connected to my modem (just a modem, not modem/router) and
two other systems connected directly via ethernet to the freebsd box.
I'm able to connect to the internet with the FreeBSD box. I can get an
IP via DHCP from my ISP. However, I can't seem to figure out how to
setup the gateway routes and the IP addresses for the other system.

I'd like to have the internal network be on I have 2x
2-port NICs in the freebsd box.

em0 - Internet -
em1 - System1 -
em2 - System2 -

I'm kindof lost here. I've played with it a bit, trying to set on em1 and em2, then setting the specific IP address on
system1 and system2 respectively. I've also tried manually adding
routes from to (my external IP) to no avail.
The system1/2 boxes cannot ping the freebsd box, nor vise-versa. That
implies it's not a routing problem, but a problem with the systems
getting a proper IP address.

Anyone have any tips?


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