AHCI driver and static device names

Rob lists at midsummerdream.org
Sat Dec 3 03:17:54 UTC 2011

I was getting ready to install the latest FreeBSD 9-RCs image, and I 
found that 9 now defaults to using the ahci driver for sata disks.  This 
would be great if it weren't for the fact that the ahci driver seems to 
do dynamic device name assignment as opposed to the static ones used 
with the older drivers.

I've looked around on google and while this is mentioned (in old 
threads), the "solution" is to use labels or elaborate mapping via hints 
which really aren't solutions imo.  If I have 15 disks in an array, I 
want to be able to label them and know which bay is which device name. 
If I have to replace a drive, I have no idea what dynamic device name it 
will have when it comes time to partition (and label, if I were using 
that).  I could probably figure it out by looking at what disks are used 
on the system, but that's more work that it really should be.

Is there a way to use the ahci driver and get static device names?


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