SOLVED: problem formating disk with gpart

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Thu Dec 1 14:51:35 UTC 2011

Polytropon writes:

>  > If I remember correctly, the old ATA subsystem (ad*) does not support
>  > hotswap notification, so the kernel will not see a device change until
>  > reboot or reinit. You should probably be using AHCI (if the driver
>  > supports your chipset) or very careful use of atacontrol detach, attach,
>  > or reinit.
>  I'm not fully sure if this applies here, but there are
>  the following commands:
>       atacontrol attach channel
>       atacontrol detach channel
>       atacontrol reinit channel
>       atacontrol spindown device [seconds]
>       atacontrol list
>  It seems as they are intended to support "manual hotswapping"
>  to be done with SATA. See "man atacontrol" for details.

	I did:

>> atacontrol detach ata0
>> atacontrol attach ata0

	and the disk showed up correctly.
	Proceeded to partitioning and newfs, and - I have a working

	Thanks, everyone, for the help.

				Robert Huff

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