problem formating disk with gpart

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On 11/30/2011 03:01 PM, Robert Huff wrote:
> 	One of my systems has a hot-swap eSATA device, which reports as
> "ad1".  I'm trying to use this to prepare a new disk using gpart and
> something (possibly my understanding) is broken.
> 	After removing another disk and inserting the new one, I do:
>>> gpart show ad1
> =>       34  976773101  ad1  GPT  (465G)
>          34  976773101       - free -  (465G)
> 	... which is the value for the disk just removed.
> 	If I do (to start clean):
>>> gpart destroy ad1
> gpart destroy ad1
> gpart: Input/output error
> 	Huh?

If I remember correctly, the old ATA subsystem (ad*) does not support
hotswap notification, so the kernel will not see a device change until
reboot or reinit. You should probably be using AHCI (if the driver
supports your chipset) or very careful use of atacontrol detach, attach,
or reinit.

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