freeradius on freebsd

Doug Hardie bc979 at
Thu Dec 1 00:46:52 UTC 2011

On 30 November 2011, at 15:13, Outback Dingo wrote:

> On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 4:57 PM, Jim Pazarena <fquest at> wrote:
>> I am having issues with freeradius being told
>> system passwords are incorrect by freebsd, where I
>> know they are not wrong.
>> I think it relates to freeradius submitting crypt passwords
>> while freebsd defaults to MD5.
>> Has anyone encountered this issue on FreeBSD? Seems the
>> freeradius newsgroup doesn't have any freebsd active
>> participants.
>> Could someone suggest how to coax freeradius to submit
>> MD5 encrypted passwords to the system?
> in short your probably better off putting a db on the backend of
> freeradius instead of
> using system accounts, itll be alot easier that way and can be managed
> separate from
> the systems accounts

I have been using freeradius with FBSD for years with the system passwords.  Works just fine.  Saves you a lot of hassle and extra work in some cases.  Freeradius just passes along what it receives to the authentication mechanism.  Any encryption is done at the NAS.  You may want to run with -X and save all the output.  That will show where the problem is occurring.  Even if you go with a database you have to get the encryption in the database the same as what the NAS is doing.

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