Gary Dunn osp at aloha.com
Mon Aug 29 16:24:23 UTC 2011

On Wed, 2011-08-24 at 11:20 +0000, osp at aloha.com wrote:
> I too am stuck in ruby-portupgrade swamp :-)
> After a fresh install of FreeBSD 8.2 I built potupgrade, then did a 
> portsnap and a portupgrade -a, in preparation to install Gnome2. When it 
> stopped I followed the instructions in UPDATING, but when I try to 
> upgrade portupgrade it fails because it cannot find the first server 
> listed and the only other one, ftp.freebsd.org, does not have pkgtools-
> I verified by manual ftp connection.
> Do I just wait for ftp.freebsd.org to sync, or does someone need to do 
> something?
> Thanks for all that you do!!
For the record, this was fixed by Thursday, by Friday I had Gnome Power
Tools and Gnome Office up and running. 

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