Scritping sysinstall and custom iso

Amitabh Kant amitabhkant at
Sun Aug 28 12:13:39 UTC 2011


I am trying to create a custom FreeBSD iso which will automate most of the
steps asked in a standard installation using sysinstall. While "make
release"  is available, I was trying to modify disc1 iso, as it seems that I
only need to have install.cfg for automating sysinstall.

I downloaded the disc1 iso file (8.2 amd64 arch), created a memory disk
using mdconfig, and then mounted the disk. The commands that I have run are:

mdconfig -a -t vnode -f org.iso -u 0
mount_cd9660 /dev/md0 /mnt
mkdir custom_iso
cd custom_iso
rsync -a /mnt/ .

Once I am done with the changes, I plan to run the following command to
recreate the iso
mkisofs -J -R -V CustomBSD -no-emul-boot -b boot/cdboot -iso-level 3 -o
/usr/home/isotest/custom.iso .

All the commands run fine and I am able to generate an iso. Now, couple of
questions that have confused me:
a) Where do I place install.cfg file for sysinstall to read without any user
intervention? In the root directory of the disc1 layout or inside
8.2-Release / other sub directory?

b) Is there a place where I can get a sample install.cfg with all the
options explained? All I could find were different examples tailored to
specific situations, most of them towards PXE boot.

c) Is it necessary to define every step in install.cfg? I would like to keep
disk partition / label and network configuration dialogs available (root
password if necessary), while setting values for all other user dialogs and

Amitabh Kant

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