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Wed Aug 24 21:48:39 UTC 2011

On Wed, 24 Aug 2011 12:54:01 -0400
Rod Person <rodperson at> wrote:
> On Wed, 24 Aug 2011 17:09:40 +0200
> Polytropon <freebsd at> wrote:
> > 
> > Which version of Opera are you using? I have 11.50/1047
> > installed; the page you refered to states:
> I have 10.x and Opera-Next installed.

Out of curiosity, when I got how I fired up Opera 11.50 and took these screen shots.

You can see that I have a Print to LPR option and you can set the command line.
But it seem it does stay saved and you have to type in the command every time.


Version Info:

Dialog Toolkit setting:

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