to come from Linux to FreeBSD

Dick Hoogendijk dick at
Wed Aug 24 10:24:42 UTC 2011

Op 24-8-2011 10:41, Matthew Seaman schreef:

> Virtualization is actually a bit of a tricky thing with FreeBSD. 
> There's Jail, which is excellent -- very light weight, but it only 
> works with FreeBSD guests. There's VirtualBox, but that runs the guest 
> OSes as a standard client application and it tends to be slow

VirtualBox is absolutely not slow. At least not on Solaris nor on 
windows7 boxes. The VB support from FreeBSD is not that good imho. It is 
a lot easier to get it going under linux, windows or solaris. I know, 
fbsd packages do not exist. I wonder why...

> Running FreeBSD as a guest under most virtualization software works well

This is very true, I agree. I've set up a ZFS root system with four 
disks lately to try out before doing so on rela hardware and it worked 
very very well.


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