Firefox consistently inconsistent in the playing of videos

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Sun Aug 21 22:41:49 UTC 2011

On Sun, 21 Aug 2011 17:12:56 -0400
Carmel <carmel_ny at> wrote:

> I am trying to figure out why some video files play fine while others
> simply do not work at all. This would be the latest example:
> It works fine on a Windows machine with IE (no surprise there);
> however, using Firefox 6.0 on FreeBSD-8.2 it simply will not work.
> Some other videos from the same site do work correctly though.
> This phenomena has happened to me several times on several different
> sites. I have contacted a few sites to see if I could get some
> assistance. I was informed by the few who bothered to reply that they
> test their material against IE and Firefox run under Windows. One
> responder informed me that testing against non-windows architecture
> was not a viable option due to the extreme fragmentation of the
> non-windows community.
> Anyway, I was hoping that perhaps someone might have a working
> solution for this predicament.

As to be expected, you're not likely to get much help from any
particular site you're having problems with.  Get used to it.  :-)

Which video driver are you using?  And how do you normally install your
software packages, via ports or packages?

There was a mention in one of the lists about making sure to set the
WITHOUT_NOUVEAU=yes option in /etc/make.conf before building and
installing xorg.  You may want to try that.  I was having problems with
flash here myself, took this advice and rebuilt my entire xorg
installation.  It's working much, much better now.  Lockups and other
annoying glitches have pretty much gone away altogether, and every site
I visit works just fine now.

The site you gave above works fine for me, by the way, under 9.0-BETA1
for amd64 with the linux flashplugin (wrapped, of course, with

Hope this helps.  If you need any further assistance, let me know.

Conrad J. Sabatier
conrads at

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