Redirect sound of flash plugin?

Tijl Coosemans tijl at
Sat Aug 20 09:10:17 UTC 2011

On Friday 12 August 2011 17:15:04 Ross wrote:
> Is it possible to redirect sound of flash plugin?
> I am running firefox via ssh. Currently I successfully redirected
> sound of other applications using NAS. How can I do the same with
> flash? Maybe intercept sound some how.

The flash plugin sound goes through libflashsupport, which is a small
open source library that allows anyone to implement any sound backend.

The libflashsupport currently installed by the flash plugin port
(/compat/linux/usr/lib/ only supports OSS now. With
any luck somebody has already implemented NAS support and all you have
to do is replace this library. In case you want to implement it
yourself, you can find the source code for our (slightly patched)
libflashsupport at
Note that the library has to be compiled as a Linux library, not a
FreeBSD one.

An alternative would be to experiment with libaudiooss, which allows
capturing OSS output from any program and send it over NAS. This project
looks abandoned though.
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