Thomas D. Dean tomdean at speakeasy.org
Sat Aug 20 04:58:42 UTC 2011

On Fri, 2011-08-05 at 22:01 +0200, Paweł Michalicki wrote:

> I have a certain device which can be hooked to a PC via RS232 connection.
> Since my PC does not have a true COM port, I am using an USB<->COM
> converter, which contains the FTDI chip. I wrote a program to handle the
> communications via the /dev/cuaU0, and all this works very well. The device
> at the other end has an UART which is capable of wild variety of baudrates,
> including standard rates of 19200, 38400 and 57600 bits per second. In my
> program on FreeBSD I am using that last baudrate.

What USB<-->serial adapter are you using?  I use the pl2303.

The baud rate for devices like the pl2303 is controlled in
sys/dev/usb/serial/uplcom.c, I think.

Look at uplcom.c, the comments at the top and lines 608..620.
grep uplcom_rates sys/dev/usb/serial/* -A10

You can insert your baud rate in that data structure and rebuild the
kernel or module.  Maybe.


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