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> Furthermore, I always thought the TRS-80 ran CP/M, not DOS,
> but I could be wrong as I (1st) didn't do any research on
> it (first sin!) and (2nd) don't own one so I could check.

They ran many things. I had several, even an older TRS-80 Model 16,
rarely knon. It had a passive backplane and 2 mother-boards. One was
the traditiona Z-80 board which if I remember correctly had 2 Z-80s in
a design similar to the Epson QX10. It also came with a second board
with a 16bit Motorola 68000 ! You would first boot in CPM the Z80
board and the insert the Boot 16 disk which would boot-up the 68K.It
was an icredible machine and software for both processors. I don't
know exactly what the 68K board ran because it was kinda user-space

I also had the TRS-80 Color Computers which booted in BASIC, and
finally the later series in the late eighties had DOS. I has one of
those as well.

Alejandro Imass

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