kernel Panic not dumping to swap

Daryl Sayers darylXYZ at
Tue Aug 16 05:02:19 UTC 2011

> On 8/9/11 10:33 PM, Daryl Sayers wrote:
>> I have a FreeBSD 8.2-STABLE (64bit) system with 4G mem installed. I have
>> had a few kernel panics over the last few weeks and would like to capture
>> a core dump. I have added the following to /etc/rc.conf
>> dumpdev="AUTO"
>> dumpdir=/var/crash
>> The /var/crash is a 5G filesystem (with 4.8G free).
>> When the machine panics the last 2 lines on the console are something like:
>> Physical memory: 3057 MB
>> Dumping 204 MB: 189 173 157 141 125
>> The system then completely hangs and a hardware rest is required. As the dump
>> does not seem to finish I dont get my core dump in /var/cache when the machine
>> reboots.
>> Any ideas??

> Daryl,

> A couple of questions:

> 1) How big is your swap partition?  Is it large enough to hold the crash dump?
> 2) What type of hardware is this? I know that HP Proliants using the CISS raid
>    control fail to produce a crashdump and just hangup these boxes.  Perhaps
>    this occurs for other types of hardware?

Thanks Patrick.

I have an 8G swap that is plenty big enough for the 4G memory.

There is nothing special about the hardware. Its an Asus PB5+ mother board
using the onboard IDE port with an old Maxtor 120G drive (6Y120P0).

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