System lockups in X with nVidia GeForce 7600 GS (G73) and Gtk+

Warren Block wblock at
Sun Aug 14 13:03:51 UTC 2011

On Sun, 14 Aug 2011, Polytropon wrote:

> And just in case I have to replace it (PCIe required), what
> brand of GPU should I buy instead? Again nVidia, or better
> ATI, or Intel? It's a hard decision because I don't want
> to get from one trouble into the next one...

Radeon HD4650 has worked well for me for some time.  The only 
problem I've seen is Firefox occasionally corrupts window borders. 
That might be Firefox or GTK or the radeon driver, but has been minor 
enough that I haven't pursued it.

Some people report lockup problems with other versions of Radeon on the 
forums, cause unknown so far.

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