library with click built-in?

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> On Sat, 13 Aug 2011 09:14:16 -0700, Gary Kline wrote:
> > 	yep; that's hy i wat to know how to use the gtk stuff!
> If I remember correctly, this is the "esound" component
> used by Gtk. I don't know if it has its own sound sub-
> system, and in how far it's even possible to generate
> tones from a description of frequency + duration.
> It requires a sound card that FreeBSD's drivers can
> properly access.
> My first own sound card, the Logitech SnoundMan 16,
> had an interesting feature: The PC speaker sound was
> put as an input channel for the sound card mixer. I
> have no idea how this worked, as the sound card was
> a typical 16 bit ISA expansion card, and there was
> no wired connection from the PC speaker to the sound
> card. However, when the speaker was removend and
> addressed - e. g. by ^G = BEL or a sound output command
> such as sound(1000); delay(500); nosound(); - the sound
> could be heared through the speakers (or amplifier)
> attached to the sound card.
> Maybe something similar is still possible today? In
> this case, addressing the PC speaker, even if it's
> just a little piezo speaker (or not present) would
> cause an input to the sound card? This would combine
> the easy method of generating simple sounds with the
> ability to use whatever one wants to connect to the
> sound card (builtin speakers, headphones, speakers
> or amplifier).

	did i mention that there is a linux python script 
	(by Scott Kirkwood) that uses the gtk stufff to "click"
	whenever you click a mouse?  left or right.   so i figure
	there is a C interface.  [[i have taught myself python;
	need to go re-look at Scott's code.


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