Dick Hoogendijk dick at nagual.nl
Sat Aug 13 17:07:30 UTC 2011

I would like to get some suggestions on the configuration of zfs 
snapshots taken for the root pool.
zfs-snapshot-mgmt.conf.example just gives some info on /usr/home and/or /usr
Does anybody use this utility for automated snapshots for his/her 
rootpool and want to share some code?

I use it in a cron job and want to use the snapshots for the zxfer tool.
I now use this line:
/usr/local/sbin/zxfer -dFkPv -g 376 -R zroot backup01/pools

I would like to have some snapshots on my system that are usable with 
this zxfer line.
I once did create snapshots every ten minutes but the system got loaded 
with snapshots and transferring them (incremental) tot the backup system 
froze my kernel (vm.kmem_size too low) I have 2G ram and use a 
vm.kmem_size=512M Maybe this _is_ too small?

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