Don't understand df/du output

Alain AUDEBERT aka 2A deuza at
Fri Aug 12 23:11:30 UTC 2011

>> I have try a tunefs -m 1 /dev/xbd6, unmount, mount and nothing change
>> Is it the 8% reserved by FFS ?
> Yes
> read
> Question 9.27 (last one)

Hi Rodrigo,

Ok, so I understand why the free space is not equal to : "available - used"

But in this case why when I turned the minfree space at 1% with tunefs there is no change ??
This point I don't understand

About manufacturer the volume make 400Go, and appears like 393Go :)

Thank you all


   Version: 3.1
   GIT/MU/S/SS d--(---)@ s++:++>+ a C++>+++ UBLS+++>++++$
   P+++ L E--- W++ N++ o+ K- w--(---) O M+(++) V PS++ PE-- Y++
   PGP+ !t !5 X++>+ R-- tv- b++ DI++ D+ G++ e+++ h++>+ r y*
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