pkdgb and corrupted record(s)

Warren Block wblock at
Fri Aug 12 18:15:34 UTC 2011

On Fri, 12 Aug 2011, Kurt Buff wrote:

> This seems fairly benign so far, but I find it happening on several
> machines after switching from portupgrade to portmaster. Don't know if
> that switch is actually part of the issue or not, though I'm really
> liking portmaster.

I'd never seen it with portupgrade, either.  Don't know the cause, but 
it can be a problem.  portmaster --check-depends might fix it.  A more 
brute-force way is to figure out which are the problems with
find /var/db/pkg -name "+CONTENTS" -exec egrep -B1 -H 'pkgdep $' {} \;
Then rebuild all of them by feeding the list to portmaster, which will 
sort them and rebuild in the right order to fix it.

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