Has anyone been able to configure a Linksys E3000 using freebsd or pcbsd?

eculp eculp at encontacto.net
Fri Aug 12 00:13:31 UTC 2011

In a trade with a "friend", I ended up with a Linksys E3000.  The only  
windows machine that I have is my wife's 10" laptop that doesn't have  
a dvd.  I use FreeBSD or pcBSD for everything, workstations, servers,  
etc.  I need to configure this thing but can't find any instructions  
on web based configuration.  The FAQ and the dvd all imply that you  
must run the windows installation programs.  I doubt that is true.   
I've used other Linksys products, printservers, AP's, etc. with no  

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


PS I've thought about wine but the machines I have here are all AMD64.
    In addition, I'm going to have to reconfigure it at some point.

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