How to turn off screen blanking

Al Plant noc at
Thu Aug 11 18:35:42 UTC 2011

Aryeh Friedman wrote:
> I have a kiosk system I am almost done building and the last snag is
> attempting to make it so idle time (no keyboard or mouse attached) does not
> blank the screen.   I have already tried the following:
> vidcontrol -S off
> disabling acpi and apmd from the kernel config
> enabling dpms via the kernel config and then running xset -dpms
> Any other ideas?
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Aloha Aryeh,

In my shed the three generic servers are headless and all will show 
video on demand using a kvm switch. I had to set the bios show no errors 
  on the boxes to make this work. There are not new by any means but may 
give you an idea what to try. I believe these are hardware settings.


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