How to turn off screen blanking

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El día Wednesday, August 10, 2011 a las 03:46:15PM -0500, Gary Gatten escribió:

Hello Gary,

Sorry for have mistyped your name.

> I see....  So I try to follow the rules and bottom post, and apparently I STILL don't do it right....?????? (SIGH)....
> SERIOUSLY!!!!!  I use Outlook.  I write something and hit reply - period.  I am NOT going to take the time to scroll back in the message and add ">" or some other delimiter to every line.  MAYBE next time I'll make a one line comment or something to delineate the OP and my reply - MAYBE!!!!  Or MAYBE you can just deal with it?  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to follow the thread!

Google for "outlook quotefix' to see how this could be fixed.
And google for my name, if you want, to see that I'm providing help as
well here.

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