FreeBSD won't install after Fixit [solved]

James Colannino james at
Tue Aug 9 22:27:24 UTC 2011

On 08/09/11 13:08, James Colannino wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> I have the FreeBSD DVD (amd64) and, during an install, used the Fixit 
> option (while choosing to mount the DVD as the live filesystem) to 
> load a kernel module.  After exiting the fixit shell and attempting a 
> standard install, when it came time to install packages, I got the 
> following error:
> Error mounting /dev/acd0 on /dist: Input/output error (5)

Ok, so it turns out that the reason for this was that I was using a VM.  
I tested this on an ordinary system, and when you exit the Fixit prompt, 
it ejects the disk.  This was happening in the VM, only I didn't realize 
it because the CD-ROM was being emulated.  When it came time to mount 
the disk a second time, the disk wasn't there, and so that's why it was 


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