"make readmes" no longer builds individual ports' README.html files?

RW rwmaillists at googlemail.com
Tue Aug 9 11:53:36 UTC 2011

On Mon, 8 Aug 2011 22:35:35 -0500
Conrad J. Sabatier wrote:

> Having been away from FreeBSD for a while, I'm still catching up with
> all the changes that took place while I was on hiatus, so bear with me
> here.  :-)
> Trying to construct the ports' README.html files with:
> cd /usr/ports
> make readmes
> Much to my surprise, this only creates README.html at the top level
> and within each category, but nothing under the individual ports'
> directories.  When did this change, and why?  Mailing list search has
> turned up nothing useful on the subject.
> Or maybe I'm just doing it wrong?  :-)
> Thanks.

When you  "make readmes" from the top level the per port files are
created by a perl script

I tried running 

perl /usr/ports/Tools/make_readmes < /usr/ports/INDEX-8

and it didn't work. Since it's quite old I would guess a perl upgrade
has probably broken it.

[ Since this was cross-posted I've set a reply-to to "ports" where it
belongs ]

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