Alternative windowmanagers

Christian Barthel bc at
Fri Aug 5 19:31:01 UTC 2011


I read on slashdot that Linus Torvalds moved from Gnome 2.3x to Xfce. It
seems that he isn't thrilled by xfce, but it's far better than Gnome3. 

As a Gnome 2.3x user too, I am also a bit nervouse. Gnome 3 is a big
mistake. And there are also rumors that Gnome will be Linux only. Maybe,
we will never see Gnome3 under FreeBSD, but this is not a tragedy :)

I am not very interested in eyecandy: I want a stable and fast wm (less
memory and cpu, quick access to important places), different workspaces,
and it should be configurable with ordinary files. Of course, It must
run under FreeBSD. 

I sniffed into AfterStep, fvwm2 and fluxbox (I don't want to use KDE). I
think, fluxbox is a nice wm and for my future, it will be the default wm
for me. It's also very fast and easy to configure. 

Are there any other window manager worth looking? 

What is your window manager? 

Christian Barthel 

Mail: bc at

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