Julian Fagir gnrp at komkon2.de
Wed Apr 27 15:35:57 UTC 2011


> Huh??   
> The only thing wrong is missing a meaningful subject -- which can
> cause people to ignore the post.
I don't feel offended myself... But I read several times people (though
mostly news) who would feel so by the subject, the name (translated to "don't
care don't care") and the lack of information, and of not having tried
everything else one can think of before mailing.
And I know I'm contributing now myself by placing off-topic posts on
(n)etiquette when it wasn't asked for nor even necessary to give that
advice... ;)

> But, the question is quite clear, though I have no idea why [s]he
> wants to do that downgrade and might want to explore that before
> encouraging that move.
That was what I was looking for, and for what was already done and how the
system is usually updated (binary, sources) or if it was ever updated, and
what the system does, i.e. which software is installed.
And even why it shall be 7.2 or 7.1 and nothing newer.

Regards, Julian
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