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Fri Apr 15 09:45:22 UTC 2011

If you use NAT network setting in vmware or virtualbox or something else in
your win 7. It cannot be access to the virtual server from your host
throught network. You must use bridge network setting in your software.

On Wed, Apr 13, 2011 at 11:37 PM, afiddler10 <afiddler10 at> wrote:

> Hi, I am new to the Linux environment.  I am trying to build a virtual
> Freebsd server to run another virtual device (a Juniper router).  I have
> found that after building the base operating system that I cannot remotely
> access the virtual Freebsd server.  I have tried using both Qemu and VMware
> with the same result.  It looks to me as though the server has a default
> setting that allows it to contact other devices (e.g., I can ping, ftp,
> telnet, etc., other devices from my Freebsd server) but I cannot ping,
> ftp, telnet into the Freebsd server from my host PC.  My host is a Windows 7
> desktop, but I have tried pinging from another virtual device and cannot get
> a response from the Freebsd server.  I do not believe that the issue is my
> Windows 7 PC.
> I have tried the newest Disk 1 ISO image of Freebsd, 8.2, but I've also
> tried a few other images with the same result.
> I have combed through the documentation, tried configuring the firewall
> using the "open" template, tried to disable the packet filter in rc.conf
> (pf_enable="NO"), to no avail.  I cannot reach the Freebsd server no matter
> what I have tried, and I feel I have exhausted my options.  The ports are
> open and responsive on the virtual server itself, but access seems to be
> blocked to the Freebsd server.
> I am hoping you can tell me how to change the default settings on the
> Freebsd server to allow access from my Windows 7 host PC.  Hopefully it does
> not involve manually rebuilding the kernel!
> Thanks for your help!
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