FreeBSD's tftp and tftpd-hpa

John Hein jhein at
Tue Apr 12 23:03:13 UTC 2011

Martin Cracauer wrote at 11:53 -0500 on Feb 11, 2011:
 > FreeBSD's current tftp client doesn't work with tftpd-hpa.
 > FreeBSD 9.0-CURRENT (XEN) #0: Fri Jan 21 15:54:41 EST 2011
 > ~(fbpv)1% tftp
 > tftp> get pxeboot
 > Got ERROR packet: Unsupported option(s) requested
 > Error code 2048: Unsupported option(s) requested
 > tftp> 
 > Anybody got a solution for this? Otherwise I'll hack it up.

I just hit this, too.

The linux (hpa) version of tftpd has:

 * Return a file size (c.f. RFC2349)
 * For netascii mode, we don't know the size ahead of time;
 * so reject the option.

So, for the archives (only two months later!), you can use 'mode octet'
(aka 'mode binary') to can work around this issue.

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