Question : Developing/Making FreeBSD derivative.

Stefan N stefanbsdfan at
Mon Apr 11 13:56:54 UTC 2011

Hi Christer,

As there are many parts of the source code(from bin,cddl,contrib......usr.sbin), 
which part(s) of source code do I need to modify?


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On Mon, Apr 11, 2011 at 6:44 AM, Stefan N <stefanbsdfan at> wrote:
> My name is Stefan and I am newbie with FreeBSD but I'm interested to learn 
> about FreeBSD . I am keen to know and learn more on  the process to make a new
> BSD's derivative/fork  from FreeBSD ?

You change the source code and compile

> How is the method for customizing/remastering FreeBSD ? The most interesting
> part is that if we could make the new fork of FreeBSD with its own uname. If I
> could make my own BSD derivative and used StefanBSD as its uname, it would be
> awesome.

The method is really simple, actually. You change the source code and compile.
Good luck!


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