malloc: errno: 22: Invalid argument

John Levine johnl at
Sat Apr 9 15:10:41 UTC 2011

>-- snip
>#include <err.h>
>#include <errno.h>
>#include <stdlib.h>
>int main(void)
>        int *i;
>        warn("errno: %d", errno);
>        i = malloc(sizeof(int));
>        warn("errno: %d", errno);
>        free(i);
>        return (errno);
>-- snip

Your code is wrong.  There's only a useful value in errno after
something fails.  This would be more reasonable:

int main(void)
        int *i;
        /* warn("errno: %d", errno); -- no error, nothing to check */
        i = malloc(sizeof(int));
        if(!i)warn("errno: %d", errno); /* only warn on failure */
        free(i);    /* -- free ignores NULL argument */
        return (0); /* -- free cannot fail, no meaningful errno */

This isn't specific to FreeBSD, by the way.  It's ANSI C.

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