8-CURRENT: where is my memory?

Matthias Apitz guru at unixarea.de
Thu Apr 7 10:58:58 UTC 2011


I'm running 8-CURRENT in a VM with 3000 MByte RAM:

$ dmesg | fgrep memory
real memory  = 3145728000 (3000 MB)
avail memory = 3062030336 (2920 MB)
VMware memory control driver initialized

but top(1) shows only:

Mem: 429M Active, 245M Inact, 190M Wired, 83M Cache, 112M Buf, 197M Free
Swap: 4096M Total, 4096M Free

i.e. the shown memory (incl. Free) sums up to 1200 MByte, where is the

What I wanted to know is, to which value I could lower the mem of the VM
without swapping will start.


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