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Gary Kline kline at
Sat Apr 2 21:43:18 UTC 2011

excuse the lowercase but my shoulder really is damaged beyond repair.
--last tuesday my new modem =quit= and my even newer wheelchair motor 
[right wheel] =quit=. --i'll spare the details about getting a tech here
because it would fill at least 5 pages. dunno when the shop will get me a
loaner; at least 12 da for the new motor.  [[the modem is from china; no idea
about the motor. but you can guess my opinion of such manufacturers]]

okay: last november i had trouble getting my dns to work upon reboot.  the msg
was only to stdout and mumbled something about how /etc/namedb/named.conf 
could not be found.  i am using scripts i cobbled together to even be able to
ping anyone.  essentially kill -9 the old named pid; and another to run a new
instantiation of named.   i've got ==everything== on my ups. display, modem,
three servers.  so it will be months++ before i have to reboot.  ---well
unless the big-one hits seattle ....  i just upgraded my 7.3 i386 last
october.  if i upgrade to 7.4 should this named fault go away.  i pretty much
do leave my server alone, but it is time get on the stick.

i'm sure that i bragged about all the ways i've dived into saving energy.
reducing my carbon footprint.  my one remaining 1998 hp kayak that sucks 100+
watts/hour can be replaced by the dedicated processor and 1.0gig of memory.  
this "kit" draw 4watt/hour.  i have zero knowledge about howto replace the
kayak with this kit ...  but since it is my last energy-saving goal, i'm
willing to pay whatever it costs somebody in the metro seattle area to do it.

i do have some kind of .xml file to upgrade the configuration.  given that, i
figure my computers should hum along until solid state drives are worth
buying.  3, 5 years...

i asked the seattle group of linux users if somebody could help me transfer
pfsense from computer to this kit; they pointed out that pfsense was a bsd

tia, for any help.

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