Mother board compatibility and CF card usage as main storage device for small DNS server

Brent Bloxam brent at
Thu Sep 30 15:10:06 UTC 2010

Kaya Saman wrote:
>  From what you mention it sounds like a bad idea as the system disk will 
> have many R/W's going through it it seems as /tmp and Swap get written 
> to all the time.

You can skip swap altogether and use MFS (memory filesystem) like Brian 
mentioned for other high write partitions that don't need to be 
persistent (/tmp, /var/log). See the following article on the website about using solid state storage:

Keep in mind though that Brian's setup was for slave nameservers that 
would be caching from another master. If your nameserver is acting as 
master, you'll be storing your records on flash since you need 
persistent storage, but I don't imagine those files will be write intensive.

Also, if you make /var/log MFS, you'll want to have an external syslog 
server set up ;)

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