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Krasimir Dermendjiev krasi_e_d at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 30 06:24:20 UTC 2010


Everybody, I am new to FreeBSD and today I attempted to configure the gbde. I 
just supplemented the following line to the GENERIC kernel:

options GEOM_BDE

After reboot I saw that the sshd doesn't work.I cant use root or any user on the 
computer.I saw new line like sshd error:Bind to port 22 on failed.
I attempted all boot options like (default, ACPI disabled,Safe mode,single user 
mode,verbose prompt) to change the kernel configuration file. Because after the 
new line for GEOM_BDE my problems came.
I'll be happy if some one find some time to answer with few instructions.

Thank you.


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