Not Sure Which Package has mssql_connect.

Martin McCormick martin at
Wed Sep 29 18:38:51 UTC 2010

Greg Larkin writes:
> You referred to C code at the top of your message,

That was actually incidental. I was thinking about what had
happened when I transplanted some home-grown C code in to 8.1
and had to clean up some of my lazy habits to make it work
again. So far, nothing I haven't been able to handle.

> but are you actually
> looking for a PHP extension that contains the mssql_connection function
> so some PHP code runs correctly?


>  I also have a question whether you're
> looking for a PHP extension that connections to a MS SQL server or one
> that connects to a MySQL server.  I'm guessing you're trying to connect
> to MS SQL.

In spite of my rather confused question, that is exactly what I
am doing. We talk to a remote mssql server and pull off new data
from a database.

> If so, please install,
> and you should be all set.  You shouldn't need to install
> unless you're trying to
> connect to a MySQL server, too.

	The first port is what I needed. Many thanks.

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