Free BSD 8.1

Mike Clarke jmc-freebsd2 at
Tue Sep 28 20:11:23 UTC 2010

On Tuesday 28 September 2010, Ian Smith wrote:

> I agree with Mike about the worms :)  I have an 8.0-RELEASE system
> with many ports installed and quite a few configured to taste with a
> recently upgraded 8-STABLE world, working through a huge portversion
> update list, started by fetching over 900MB of packages so far
> including X and KDE by portupgrade -aFPP.  It's going to take a
> while, and I'll be surprised if I don't skin a few knuckles on
> circular dependencies along the way.

I used to use packages in preference to ports but, being on a PAYG 
broadband account rather than unlimited, I'm more concerned about 
bandwidth than compile time. I found that upgrading ports often 
involved just a few packages which had actually been changed while the 
rest just had their version number bumped as a result of dependencies 
but still needed the entire package to be downloaded. Switching to 
building the ports instead means that I usually only need to download a 
relatively small number of distfiles with the remaining ports being 
recompiled from my existing collection of distfiles using the new 
makefiles in the updated ports tree.

Mike Clarke

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