Booting up FreeBSD 8.0

Steven Friedrich FreeBSD at
Tue Sep 28 18:25:12 UTC 2010

On Tuesday 28 September 2010 1:52:56 pm William Lang wrote:
> I have just installed FreeBSD 8.0 and after I login it stops at $ like its
> waiting for me to put some type of information in or something. So what do
> I put after the dollar sign???
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You haven't indicated what your level of expertise is with unix in general, 
what other software you have installed, or what your goals are.

Have you added additional user IDs to the system or just root?

If you're logged in as root, I wouldn't rn X from that account, though it may 
be sfe these days, I don't kow. I'd create another userID, perhaps admin, and 
assign it to group wheel. This group wil allow you to su root when you need 
the authority. If you're logged in as a non-root user, such as admin (which 
doesn't exist unless yo add it), then try startx.

System Name:
Hardware:      2.80GHz Intel Pentium 4 (HTT) with 2 GB memory
OS version:    FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE i386 (6.9 MB kernel)
manager(s):    kde4-4.5.1 
X windows:     xorg-7.5    X.Org X Server 1.7.5

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