port upgrading

Edward myself at rdtan.net
Mon Sep 27 03:26:42 UTC 2010

> Woh, I'm confused now.
> Question: what is best used to have an up2date ports collection nowadays?
"portsnap fetch extract update" for the first time after you've setup
the FreeBSD for the very first time. As the parameters used, it fetch
the ports tree, extract it to /usr/ports and update it.

"portsnap fetch update" every now and then to update the ports tree.

In addition, "portmanager" does a good job in managing ports in terms of
install/update of ports. It doesn't required ports index to find out
what is installed or needs to upgrade as it scans the ports tree for
dependency, every time. This is good because I don't have to deal with
the problem of ports index getting corrupted. Because of this, it does
required more time to install/update ports compare to "portmaster" &

I've recorded some of my experience in using "portmanager" :

My 2 cents,

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