trying to put up X, am using an Nvidia card an HP Presario

Henry Olyer henry.olyer at
Sun Sep 26 19:06:52 UTC 2010

Several people in this group took a lot of time and helped me when I
couldn't get FBSD 7.2 running with X on an HP Presario.

Now, I'm having *somewhat* *similar* problems, doing the install for 8.1.

I've attached my rc,conf, the X log file, and the list of installed

I've also said:

hald_enable="YES" and dbus_enable="YES" in the rc.conf file.  Apparently
playing with the boot loader file isn't necessary, now.

Oh, I downloaded (using sys-install,) the nvidia helper system but couldn't
get the NVIDIA screen logo that goes up just before X comes up.

Thanks, all!

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