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Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Sun Sep 26 09:47:53 UTC 2010

On 26/09/2010 02:50:55, victor kovacs wrote:
> It appears that all the distfile locations are empty.
> For example: KDE4
> Master site: empty
> Distfiles: none
> Extract-only: empty

That's deliberate.  x11/kde4 is a metaport -- that is, it installs
nothing itself, but exists only to hold dependencies on other KDE4
components.  Installing x11/kde4 will trigger a cascading installation
of the 20-odd other ports (as modified by your choice of options) that
go to create a whole KDE system.

> Have the distfiles for the GUI been left out of the dvd?
> Same situation when 32 or 64 side of dvd is loaded.
> The dvd disk reader is read only. It cannot write to disk.

No -- the tarball of the ports in the distribution media is a faithful
copy of the state of the ports tree at the time the media were created.

Distfiles aren't included in FreeBSD DVD images -- there's only about
4.5GB to play with, and most of that is taken up by FreeBSD itself, and
a selection of the most important software pre-compiled in pkg format.

All of the distfiles or all of the pkgs for all of the ports together
are substantially larger than any single piece of distribution medium
(disk, USB key, etc.) readily available at the moment.  Even just
selecting the most commonly installed applications easily overflows the
capacity of the DVD (and consider what invidious choices that selection
process involves).

Be aware that installing the ports tree from the DVD images is not the
ideal way to do it.  If you have the connectivity on your newly
installed system, it is better to use either csup(1) or portsnap(1) to
grab an up-to-date copy of the ports directly from the net.



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