Linux filesystems accessible from FreeBSD 8-stable?

krad kraduk at
Fri Sep 24 18:04:28 UTC 2010

On 23 September 2010 18:59, Leif Walsh <leif.walsh at> wrote:

> I can't seem to get a definitive answer on this from the internet,
> there's a lot of conflicting information.
> I have some data drives formatted with ext4, which I'd like to access
> from freebsd, preferably without totally reformatting because I don't
> have much temp space for copying.  Read-only would be fine, read-write
> would be much preferred.
> Is this possible?  Am I missing the big "ext4 drivers in
> freebsd/fuse/something" sign?  Does anyone happen to know if it's
> possible to migrate an ext4 drive back to ext3, which it seems I can
> access from bsd if I let it pretend the journal doesn't exist?
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> Cheers,
> Leif
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Im not 100% sure  (probably about 60% actually) but cant you mount ext4 as
ext2? From what i vaguly remember there will be some limitations but its
worth having a look

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