GUI Suggested?

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Thu Sep 23 11:33:52 UTC 2010

On Wed, 22 Sep 2010 21:57 -0600, "Warren Block" <wblock at>
> On Wed, 22 Sep 2010, Jorge Biquez wrote:
> > I was wondering if you can tell suggest me based on yoru experience on what 
> > path to follow? KDE? any other?
> The Handbook covers setting up the three major desktop environments in
> You don't have to choose one of those, there are lots of varied window 
> managers, and advocates for each.  There's an overview here on fd.o:
>  Many of those are in ports.
> > I would like to test what you suggest is the best for you and if possible 
> > that it is not TOO complicated to setup. The idea is to use it as my desktop 
> > plattfor (documents, browser, email, etc)
> Personally, I currently use xfce as "lighter" than the other members of 
> the big three, while still offering the features I want.  But it really 
> is very subjective.  For various purposes, I've used GNOME, KDE, icewm, 
> fluxbox, blackbox, and others.  Ports make these all pretty easy to 
> install.

+1 for xfce as not requiring quite so much stuff to be installed as
GNOME and KDE, but still having what I need.  I also like the xfce
Terminal.  (Have used GNOME, seems fine to me; haven't tried KDE.)  If
you want to go really lightweight, fluxbox and blackbox, which I've used
and liked, have already been mentioned.

I haven't had any problem running GNOME on not-the-latest hardware
(Athlon XP CPU, Nvidia 7600 AGP GPU), so if yours is equivalent or
newer, I don't know that performance will be a concern for any of the
desktops.  At that point it's just what feels most natural - what makes
your most frequently-used apps and utilities quickly available to you,
what interface seems easiest to work with, etc.

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