CYRUS IMAP cyradm core dump problem

Tim Kerr timbo at
Wed Sep 22 23:23:37 UTC 2010

thanks everyone for all your help

I applied the patch as suggested by Reko, but it seemed to make no difference

removing libgssapiv2 libs however, solved my cyradm problem

will this cause issues into the future for any other ports I may need ti
install ?


>> I upgraded to ver 8.1, performed a portupgrade and still get the
>> same result
>> as follows
>> root# cyradm
> The main question is - do you need kerberos/gssapi authentication on
> your server or not?
> If not, the easy fix is removing libgssapiv2 libs from
> /usr/local/lib/sasl2
> For some reason, the gssapi implementation on FreeBSD 8+ is partial or
> broken and one way for more information and possible fix for gsspai
> see
> -Reko
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