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David Kelly dkelly at hiwaay.net
Wed Sep 22 20:39:31 UTC 2010

On Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 08:06:13AM -0700, D?nielisz L?szl? wrote:
> Hello,
> I have an old HDD which should be replaced soon, actually that HDD
> stands as my system disk, what is your suggesion, how should I migrate
> the FreeBSD 8.1 from the old disk to the new one?

If you must copy exactly what you currently have then I'd use a
variation on the handbook method which has already been suggested at

Rather than example 18-1 or 18-2 I'd pipe dump directly into restore. Do
this once for every filesystem. Something like:

( cd /; /sbin/dump -0uanf - / ) | ( cd /newmount; /sbin/restore -rf - )

Where /newmount is the temporary new mount point for your new drive.
Left preparation of new disk as an exercise for the reader.

However there is a good argument to be made for making a totally new
installation of FreeBSD. Then go through the original disk picking up
the necessary files to customize for your use. As you find these files
put their names in a file named something like files.list that in the
future one could "tar -T files.list" (thats an incomplete example) to do
a minimal quick backup or restore of only the files which are unique to
your machine. This is an opportunity to find these files, and to
practice using tar -T to lift them from one drive and write them to

I wouldn't try to move the ports collection with the above technique.
However it would be a good idea to save a list of installed ports that
one could use to reinstall.

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