The nightmarish problem of installing a printer

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Wed Sep 22 19:35:24 UTC 2010

On 22/09/2010 20:04:25, Dick Hoogendijk wrote:
>  On 22-9-2010 20:40, David Brodbeck wrote:
>> OI may be the only person here who actually likes CUPS.  Yes, it's
>> complicated from a software standpoint, but configuring it is much
>> less opaque.
> You're certainly not the only one liking CUPS. I long hesitated to use
> it, but once I'd decided to do so, I wouldn't go back to lpr. No way.
> It's very easy to set up and does a great job. CUPS is OK but most
> FreeBSD people don't seem to think so. I don't get it.

CUPS is really nice *when it works*.  If you're lucky and have managed
to buy the right sort of printer hardware, and the Gods are smiling upon
you, then CUPS will serve you well.

On the other hand, when CUPS is bad, it is truly awful.  Excessively
hard to debug; impossible to fix without Guru-level powers.  One of
those "No user serviceable parts inside" sort of things.

CUPS works brilliantly when I plug my printer's USB cable directly into
my Mac.  But I've never yet managed to print to exactly the same printer
via CUPS when it is plugged into my FreeBSD server.



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