Intel video Driver

Kevin Wilcox kevin.wilcox at
Wed Sep 22 19:28:31 UTC 2010

On 22 September 2010 13:16, jorge espada <espada.jorge at> wrote:

> I need my laptop to I removed freebsd 8.1 and installed gentoo so I
> can't post the output of pciconf -lv, but I want if anyone
> knows how to sort this problem please share...

To resolve a combination dual-head, Nvidia, Virtualbox and 8GB ram
issue I had, I had to move to Gentoo and run FBSD in a VM for those
times I wanted to use FBSD for something.

It isn't the cleanest solution but it works for me, both under Gentoo
in the office, VMWare Fusion on the Macbook and Windows 7 at home.


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