The nightmarish problem of installing a printer

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> On Tue, Sep 21, 2010 at 5:24 PM, Robert Bonomi
> <bonomi at> wrote:
> > A) *THEY* developed the interface specifications. They license
> > printer manufacurers to build to it.   They _would_ obejct if
> > somebody used their technology to compete against them.
> >
> > B) As it is, to _use_ one of those printers, you *HAVE*TO*BY* a MS
> > O/S. if one could use those printers -without- a MS O/S, that is a
> >   'provable' loss in MS O/S sales -- one sales loss for -each-
> > non-MS system that has such a printer attached.
> If this were true, and there really were a big conspiracy on
> Microsoft's part to make manufacturers only support Windows, then you
> wouldn't see cheap printers that support both Windows and MacOS X.  In
> reality, such printers are pretty easy to find.

I just heard a rumor that FreeBSD is secretly in collusion with
Microsoft and the printer manufacturer's consortium to advance the usage
of printers on the Win32/64 platform. By refusing to create an
environment in which printers can use tested and certified drivers on a
non-windows operating system, they are secretly contributing to
Microsoft's continued domination in the PC market. Slash-Dot will
unequivocally be denying the accuracy of this story; however, we all are
aware that they are secretly being paid by the EC in an attempt to
diminish Microsoft's market share.

Unfortunately, I cannot substantiate these claims; however, as has been
demonstrated numerous times on this forum, documentation of subversive
acts is not a requirement. In fact, it might well be called

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