Will FBSD Squid "port" create squid user and group?

Ed Flecko edflecko at gmail.com
Wed Sep 22 16:43:05 UTC 2010

Hi folks,
I guess this is a two-faceted question:

1.) If I install Squid from a "port", will in create the recommended
squid user and group for me, or will I need to pre-create a squid user
and group prior to Squid running? I like the idea of modifying
SQUID_CONFIGURE_ARGS in the squid port Makefile to customize the
software before I compile and install it, but if it doesn't create the
user and group for you...what advantage do you gain to install from a
port -vs- downloading the tarball and building from source?


2.) "As a general rule", when you install software that needs a
special user/group, will those users/groups be created when you
install from ports, or only from packages?

Thank you,

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